• AMS Landscaping

    A Premier Phoenix Lawn Care Company Since 1969
    Originally the company was called Ciampi Lawn Service named after Hugo Ciampi who started the business after moving to Phoenix in 1969 from his farm in Santa Barbara, California. In June 1996 Eli Hall became the owner and renamed the business Always Cutting. It was in May of 2004 that the name was changed to AMS, Association Maintenance Services, LLC. AMS seemed to be more appropriate to their expanding business.


    AMS customer list consists of 50% residential accounts with the remaining 50% consisting of Homeowner Associations and commercial accounts. AMS is well versed in the needs of the consumer and can be very flexible when it comes to building an agreement that meets everyone’s needs. The customer service they provide is second to none. AMS is responsive to their clients concerns and deal with them immediately. Communication is one of the most important things in business and they pride themselves in learning more ways to better improve their business of landscaping.


    AMS Does It Right!
    Besides our quality work and attention to detail, we pride ourselves in our timeliness and keeping to schedule. Since AMS carries Workman’s Compensation, you, the customer do not have to worry about any injuries we incur on your property. Our workers have insurance, even if we hire a contractor.


    AMS is insured with general liability insurance. It is a business insurance that covers any damage to your property while our team is at work on your yard. AMS LLC is also bonded, which assures you of integrity on the job. For more on this subject go to Hiring a Landscaper.


    Keeping your lawn at its best condition is the main goal of AMS. Our company provides unmatched lawn care services in Phoenix, AZ, Scottsdale, AZ, and the entire valley, as we strive to address our clients’ needs. We have professional landscapers who are always ready to help keep your yard looking great, whether you need to maintain your turf smooth or keep those weeds at bay.

    Every property has different maintenance needs, which is why we take time evaluating your yard before getting to work. We can also provide a detailed plan indicating all stages of our landscape maintenance services so you will know what to expect once we’re finished. Our team will take pictures and send you an estimate. We also provide suggestions to keep your yard in good condition, from clean-ups, repairs, to irrigation.

    Contact Us:


    AMS Landscaping
    Address: 11035 N 23rd Dr #9, Phoenix, AZ 85029, USA
    Phone: (602) 944-0421
    Email: eli@azlawns.com


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